Papa Jack Words of Wisdom, Quotes

Papa Jack Words of Wisdom, Quotes

“Not every good things in life will remain forever,
We have to say goodbye at certain good things sa buhay natin.”

“Don’t try to be everything of your partner, ‘cause whatever you do you can’t. He will always need someone else other that you.”

“Kapag may ginawa kang mali, wag mo ng panatilihin pang mali,
Gawin mo ng tama.”

“Overprotection leads to suffocation.”

“Ang pag-ibig ay trial and error.”

“You cannot be a super hero to everybody’s life.”

“If you want an answer ask a question.”

“We all deserve a second chance.”

“Ang component ng love, love your partner regardless of anything.”

“Some good things must come to an end, and when they are gone,
Better things are on the way. That’s the law of the universe.”

“Don’t give meaning to someone’s action,
you need a confirmation.”

“Sacrifice is the only language of love.”

“Nobody will make you feel important unless you gave them the reason.”

“Not because you can, you will.”

“True love is always consistent.”

“Some things are better left unsaid.”

“Yung galit minsan ay motivation para magmove-on.”

“Never assume the thoughts of your partner…”

“To be happy in life, it’s our choice. But to be happier, it is always our decision.”

“Walang tamang rason para gumawa ng mali, meron lang justification.”

“Kapag nagmahal ka, basta nagmamahal ka lang, you make sacrifices ng hindi mo alam kung bakit mo ginawa.”

“Liking and being with someone is a decision making.”

“If you were chasing two rabbits, you’ll end up losing both.”

“Hindi lahat ng nagmamahalan ay magkasama,
at hindi lahat ng magkasama ay nagmamahalan.”

“we don’t really move-on, we just get used to the pain.”

“Walang magkaparehong tao sa mundo.”

“Walang magkaparehong love story.”

“Ang pagpasok sa isang relasyon ay walang assurance.”

“Ang lahat ng kaldero ay may nakalaan na takip.”

“It’s never a requirement to be with someone.”

“The best way to hurt someone is through honesty.”

“Ang pride pinapairal sa trabaho at hindi sa relasyon,
Dahil hindi ka magiging Masaya.”



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